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Letitia Parker

Parker, Letitia (Letitia "Lettie" Parker)
Birth: 1808 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: ABT. 1902 Cherokee Co, N.C.
Gender: Female
 Father: Parker, William S. , Sr.
 Mother: Anderson, Martha Pleasant
Parker, William J.
Parker, George W.
Birth: 1842 Henderson Co., N.C.
Death: ABT. 1865 Civil War
Gender: Male

Letitia Parker was born in Henderson County, North Carolina, in 1808; She was the ninth of ten children born to William Soloman, Sr. and his wife*. The 1840 Census for Henderson County under William Parker showed one male age 0-4 (William J.), one male 70-79 (William Solomon, Sr. ), one female 30-39
(Letitia) and one female 70-79 (*). 

Letitia never married, and the presence of the male child corresponds to the family oral history that Letitia had a son out of wedlock in the middle or late 1830's. The oral history, as passed on to the author of this biography by Elizabeth Crawford Barton, well known historian of the Parker family, also says that a member of the Parker family may have been the father of this child.

MARTIN PARKER is the cousin of Letitia Parker, and Letitia was the direct beneficiary of Martin Parker's estate (See links below). Letitia never married, however, oral history states that a close relative fathered her two children...

1850 Cherokee Co., NC - Murphy 427/427

PARKER, Martin, 41, b. NC

PARKER, Jane, 41, b. NC

PARKER, Nancy E., 12, b. NC

1860 Cherokee Co., NC - Murphy - 637/637

PARKER, Martin, 49, b. NC

PARKER, Jane, 49, b. NC

Evidently, Jane Parker died before 1807 census.

1870 Cherokee Co., NC - Murphy - 3/3

PARKER, Martin, 59, b. NC

PARKER, Letta, 64, b. NC

PARKER, William, 34, b. NC

PARKER, Swefsey(?), female, 37, b. SC

PARKER, Victoria, 13, b. NC

PARKER, Willis, 10, b. NC

PARKER, John, 8, b. NC

PARKER, Sarah, 6, b. NC

PARKER, George, 1, b. NC (Do these children belong to Swefsey(?))

1880 Cherokee Co., NC - Murphy - 253/253

PARKER, Martin, 65, widow, b. NC, both parents b. NC

PARKER, Letty, 69, cousin, Single, b. NC, both parents b. NC

1900 Cherokee Co., NC -- Murphy - 164/168

ARWOOD, Wm. J., 52

ARWOOD, Mariah, 52, m. 26 yrs


PARKER, Lettie, Oct. 18, 1804, 95, Single, b. NC, both parents b. NC; “Ward”

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Letitia "Lettie" Parker is the direct beneficiary of her cousin, Martin Parker's estate.

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